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Domino Effect (updated)

The year 1517. A historical year for the church of God. A monk by the name of Martin Luther after reading the book of Habakkuk was moved to write the 95 thesis and nail it at the church doors. The 95 thesis challenged the church’s practice of indulgences. Because of this act, Luther was excommunicated […]

The Narcissist Test

The past two weeks I have been reading on the subject of narcissism and its effect on our nation. The book Mirror Effect by Dr. Drew Pinsky, the famous Rehab Doctor of Hollywood’s Celebrities gives us a peak at how celebrity narcissism has been seducing America. With the influx of reality shows and shows that […]

The Vision of Steve Jobs

A college dropout, a loner and someone unpredictable – who would have thought Steve Jobs would literally change the world we live in in the last 30 years. One of the driving force of Steve Job’s motivation and success is his vision. While working as a video game designer at Atari Inc. ( remember PACMAN), […]

Leading with a Concrete Vision

A man must lead with concrete vision. We plan for many things. We plan our business. We plan our vacations. We have a concrete vision of wht we want to do. Sadly, we do have a concrete vision on things that don’t really matter. Single Men, do you have a concrete vision for your marriage? […]