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Contentment means not only saying, “Enough,” but also saying, “Well done.” It is the ability to rest in the knowledge that our participation and production in this life have been good. Contentment comes from the person, not the circumstances or possessions. It is about who we are as men rather than what we have collected. […]

How Womanizing destroys our Finances

Let me give you some proof that adultery, divorce, womanizing is detrimental to your financial health. Taken from the site: http://aff102.booshsports.com/top-10-nba-stars-who-went-broke/ 1. Shawn Kemp – Seattle Supersonics – Career Earnings: $92,000,000 Kemp lost much of his fortune to paying child support to many women he had kids with. Last count was that he fathered at least […]