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Taking Manhood Back

You Want an Outcome….

…. take action. You want to know if you will succeed in a certain career…. then act on it. You are wanting to go on a mission trip …. act on it. You want to settle down with your fiancee…. put a ring on it. You want to lose the weight…. buy a dumbell, pick…
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Our question for today: Dream ko po kasi na makapasok sa PNPA. And this year, pasok na po yung age ko sa requirement. I have a question, kasi this school year, I will be in my third year in college. I’m confused po if ita-try ko ba yung exams this year because if makapasa ako,…
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IKEA and Lessons on Work

I was intrigued by the history of one of the most famous furniture in the world – IKEA. When I made a research on IKEA, what I got was some valuable lessons on work, manhood and life. Story was taken from their official website: The IKEA story begins in 1926 when founder Ingvar Kamprad is…
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Why is my Life Boring?

We think parties, more followers in social media, keeping me busy and happy all the time can cure the boredom we feel in life, but it rarely does. Ask a party guy how he feels after a party, he longs for the next party – why? Because for him – life is boring. We need…
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Do Something Small Today

Most of us dream of doing BIG things. Big steps. What usually happens after the dream of doing something so enormous. Some try to take a giant leap and fall flat BIG time. Others decide it is too big and would not bother to pursue the BIG dream. So what is the wisest thing to…
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48 Days to the Work You Love

I have been hearing a lot of stories of people hating their job and not lasting long in the workplace. Here is a great book for everyone wanting to do the work they love or loving the work they have. It is on sale now! Click on the title to purchase the book. Limited sale…
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Rich for Life Tip: 10 People You Should Work With

Billionaire and former CEO of Alibaba group Jack Ma shares in his talk the 10 people you should work with: 1. Those who are good friends with you whom you can easily talk with 2. Those who share the same life values as you 3. Those whom you can trust and understand 4. Those whom…
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Know Your Talents

One of the biggest books that changed the way I think about myself (and others) was the book: Strengths Based Leadership. Here is my blog post back when I first read that book: click HERE. I think more than the content of the book (which provided background of the strengths-based research), it’s the assessment that attracted me…
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Three Ways you Can Enjoy your Current Job

These are my thoughts after reading an article that listed down signs that you are in your dream job. It’s a great article and it reminds people to appreciate what they have- personally I am happy that I can actually check most if not all of the things that article listed. But frankly, my thought goes out…
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Using Failure to Succeed