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I miss my Dad

A letter written by Miel Maguidad to his dad during the wake of his father. This was written in June of 2007 which I read during dad’s memorial service on November of the same year.  It has been three and a half years since dad died and I still half expect him to be “there.” […]

Dad had to Die to Save Me

“In 6 years, the only thing that broke my heart is when he left me. The only man who gave the world to me, and loved me truly. I was his first princess, and he’ll always be my first love. Happy father’s day Daddy. I’m still lost, I miss you. ♥” – this was the […]

Man and His Father

Michael Eijansantos, founder of http://www.mylifeonboard.net/ – A premiere board sport blog in the Philippines, writes about his father. Man is made to lead and become a leader. When I was a child, my dad thought me to face any challenges in my life. I was raised by my father to stand up whenever I fall […]


A family took shelter in their basement while a violent storm raged outside. After the storm had passed, the father opened the front door to survey the damage outside and saw a downed power line sparking in the street. Suddenly his five year old daughter ran past him, heading for the snapping, sparking wire. “Laurie, […]