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A Perfect Marriage

My guest blogger for today is Jun Gomez. Jun is a businessman and is happily married with 3 kids. His marriage is not perfect and it might never be. Jun shares his thoughts on a perfect marriage My marriage is not perfect and I don’t want it to be perfect. Crazy me huh? One reason I […]

Timing and Taming

Here is a great lesson we learn this morning at the Victory group I am leading in honoring your wife: Honor means to value or to put in high esteem. Husbands and men need to learn the art of honoring. It is so easy to dwell on the mistakes of our spouse or your girlfriend […]

Para sa mga Misis by Pastor Rey Clemente

Para sa mga Misis: Hoy Miisis…’lika sandali may sasabihin lang akong mahalaga sa iyo tungkol sa Mister mo. Narito ang mga panuntunang makatutulong sa iyo para mapagawa mo siya ng kahit ano. 1. RESPECT – Mas madaling mapasunod si Mister kung magalang kang mag utos (makisuyo) sa kanya. Instead of saying: Hoy, batugan, wala ka […]

How to Have a RAWR Marriage

Here is the message I preached at Carlo Ople and Mich Ople’s Wedding 1.    ROLES YOU PLAY AS MAN AND WIFE MUST BE CLEAR –    MEN – lead your family physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually by holding on to God’s grace because your abilities will fail you but his power and strength would give you […]


Why Marriages experience EPIC FAIL. 1.    Expectations – EXPECTATIONS VS DESIRES Every couple talks about their desires before the wedding day. They laugh, dream and hope. They made it a point to love each other whether the desire would be achieved or not. But something happens when the couple says I do. Desires become expectations. […]