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Taking Manhood Back

Ambushed by the Devil

The 3 schemes that the devil and his minions try to destory men are: 1. Another Woman. Solomon’s downfall was his 700 wives and 300 concubines – include the 700 mother in law he had to deal with. Solomon entered the trap. Men it is so easy to look and fall for another woman if…
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How to Have a RAWR Marriage

Here is the message I preached at Carlo Ople and Mich Ople’s Wedding 1.    ROLES YOU PLAY AS MAN AND WIFE MUST BE CLEAR –    MEN – lead your family physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually by holding on to God’s grace because your abilities will fail you but his power and strength would give you…
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Why Marriages experience EPIC FAIL. 1.    Expectations – EXPECTATIONS VS DESIRES Every couple talks about their desires before the wedding day. They laugh, dream and hope. They made it a point to love each other whether the desire would be achieved or not. But something happens when the couple says I do. Desires become expectations.…
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