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Taking Manhood Back

Ikaw Preacher’s Remix with Yeng Constantino

Here is a remix made by my friend Jun Gomez on Yeng Constantino’s new single IKAW and my message on marriage.

When was the Last Time you said I LOVE YOU PAPA AND MAMA

Time to call our parents!

Finding the Right One

Here is the latest episode of WWJDPH on finding the right one. I was featured in this episode. Get more tips on biblical manhood from my new book Act Like a Man. You can order by clicking here

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Act Like a Man Summit Recap

We just finished our men’s equipping meeting called ACT LIKE A MAN SUMMIT with men from our church and other leaders from other Victory churches. It was a powerful time of worship and equipping men in the subject of biblical manhood. One of the highlights of the event was the sight of 400 men worshipping…
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Missing Dads and Single Moms

Pastoring a church in Metro Manila makes you see some trends in the city where you are living. For the past seven years, I have personally seen an influx of single moms in our church. Most of them (roughly 90%) are the ones taking care of their kids – working two jobs, making ends meet,…
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GF for Seven Years, is it okay?

Love question of the week: Is it okay to have a girlfriend and yet marry her after 5 to 7 years? The question I think should be is it wise to have a girlfriend when you are not prepared to have one? Why let a girl for so long without any guarantees of marriage. Don’t…
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Breaking Marriage Myth#3: We have a Marriage Problem

I learned this powerful principle about marriage from my pastor, Steve Murrell. During one of our couple’s retreat, he mentioned that there is no such thing as a marriage problem. Whoa! I have heard almost every couple we helped in marriage that they have a marriage problem. So why is this a myth? IS THERE…
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Breaking Marriage Myths #2: Great Sex Life, Great Marriage

I have been a firm believer before that when a couple has a great sex life – then are okay. How could anything go wrong if a married couple are sexually active with each other. I have heard and read some books, preachings and articles that sort of espouses this kind of thinking. And again…
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Breaking Marriage Myths #1: Happy Wife, Happy Life

I know we often hear this. I cannot remember if I have said this in the past but after being married for almost a decade, I found out that this is a myth and could actually backfire from having you and your spouse create a stronger marriage. Let me explain: Most of the time, when…
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