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Taking Manhood Back

The Day I Started Playing Relationships Fair

Sorry if the title sounded unflattering on my part. But the recent happenings in my life made me realized that I haven’t played my past relationships right. Boyfriend-girlfriend relationships that is. I had around 5 relationships before, some lasted months, others years. But I felt like I did not start them off correctly. We normally…
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One room, one bed, just sleeping???

I know pre-marital sex is a sin. But is there anything wrong with just staying over at your partner’s house? In one room, in one bed, just sleeping? I think there are some things that are not technically sin but they are foolish and stupid. In short it is not the wisest thing to do.…
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Letter to a Frustrated Single Young Woman

Dear Frustrated Single Young Woman, Maybe you read Owen Strachan’s letter to frustrated single young men and wonder how to respond to your singleness and also to men who have been too timid or apathetic to gird themselves for the responsibility of marriage, not to mention dating. No doubt, there are several casualties in prolonged…
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