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Taking Manhood Back

Attracted to a Homosexual, what do I do?

If you’re really attracted to a girl but the girl is in a homosexual relationship for over 4 years now, would you still pursue her? If she shows mixed feelings (sometimes she’s warm, sometimes she rejects you) would you still go for it? If she is still in a homosexual relationship, why would you want…
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Not Anti-gay

Bill Hybels of Willow Creek Church responds to the online petition for Howard Schultz to not speak in the Global Leadership Summit. Bill Hybel’s response is a class act:

Struggling with Same Sex Attraction?

Here is a video of a man who testified about how God changed him. Pastor Bill Interviews Dan from Mars Hill Church | Ballard on Vimeo.


Another one of the topics pastors and churches would rather not preach in church because of its controversial nature but we can’t keep a blind eye on what’s happening in our culture today. A friend of mine said that in one of the public schools in the Philippines they at least 4 out of 10…
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