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Start Something Book Launch

I’d like to invite you to join me next Friday, May 31 for the official launch of my newest book, START SOMETHING. Whether you’re planning to start a business, to shift into a new career or to showcase your art, this book will help you get started. I’ll be giving a 15–20 minute talk during the event […]

Rid of my Disgrace

Just have to plug this book because it is on sale for a limited time only. This is the book that has helped me ministered to sexually assaulted men and women. I have been clueless on how to handle cases of sexual abuse, assault and rape before but this book has enlightened and equipped me […]

Why Society Is Failing Young Boys

Reposting this blog written by Dr. Philip Zimbardo and Nikita Duncan Have you noticed how guys are being portrayed in movies lately? Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve seen at least one of these: Knocked Up, Failure to Launch, Hall Pass, Old School, or the Jackass series. All the leading male characters are […]

How Mama affects Manhood

It is true that fathers play a major role in raising up men. Our identity is in a way imparted by our fathers but imagine life without a mother. Mothers generally shows us affection, nurture and care. Not that dad doesn’t give this but mama gives it to us in a different way. My mom […]