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Taking Manhood Back

Im Scared To Make A Bad Decision

One thing I appreciate being part of my church is that we can actually have people around us whom we can talk to about the personal things that’s happening in our lives. One of the misconceptions is that men can handle things alone and they don’t need any “support groups” to help them handle their…
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Kung Fu Master


Thor was seen in a hardware store in Manila. Avengers assemble!!!

Bestest Version Of Myself Ever

A month ago, when I was about to decide to pursue the woman I have prayed about, I texted a friend about this. Her reply was very simple and encouraging, she told me she’s excited about it. I replied. “But I’m scared, because I know I am capable of hurting people before. I did made…
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Common Mistakes of Men in Relationships

Men were designed to lead. Created by God to be the first human being to work and prepare and lead before he meets his bride.Why then do we see men left and right failing to lead their marriage? Failing to lead their girl? Loving a woman too much When a man loves a woman too…
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Your Friendgirl Deserves Better

Reposting this article I got from written by Joshua Rogers. This is a well written article on the phenomena of friendgirl that is widespread in our nation.¬†   “Dude, we’re just friends,” said the defensive 20-something sitting across from me. “It sure doesn’t look like a friendship to me or anyone else,” I said.…
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What The Future of a Promise Love Looks Like

Robert McQuilken, a man who resigned as president of Columbia Bible College and Seminary to care for his wife who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. ¬†Read the full story here

Movie Review: Friends with Benefits

Here is a great movie review of Friends with benefits by Walt Mueller I’m a stickler for watching a film from start to finish. I can’t do the “let’s stop it here and pick up on it tomorrow” thing. I did, however, do that with the Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis film, Friends With Benefits.…
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Man of the Month: Tim Tebow

Tebow fever!!!

Merry Christmas