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Taking Manhood Back

Music for the Man

Hope this makes your Monday!!! Listening to Tony Bennett for a few days now and it just brings out the man in you.

Sex Trafficking.. let us join the fight.

During Gary V’s concert at Music Museum he shared how the Philippines ranked #4 in child and sex trafficking worldwide.  It is unthinkable that there are  13 year old girls and boys and as young as 1 year old babies being raped in hotels right now as I blog. It is a shame and I…
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The prayer of a changed man

O gracious God, I am fully aware that I am unworthy. I deserve to be a brother of Satan and not of Christ. But Christ, your dear Son died and rose for me. I am his brother. He earnestly desires that I should believe in him, without doubt and fear. I need no longer regard…
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The Crooner

Just want to plug my good friend’s upcoming concert. Richard Poon is having his first major concert at PICC. I think Richard is one of the best singer in the country today.

Wrong Aquarium

I received a question about finding the right partner in life a couple of days ago. The guy was sharing how he ends up frustrated because the kind of girl he wants are not the kind of girls he is dating. He said if I could help him process it through. I think there is…
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Man of the Month: Noynoy Aquino

It is a rare sight to see a powerful man own up to the mistakes he had made especially if it is of gigantic proportion. When everyone were pointing fingers and nobody wants to take responsibility for the fiasco that happened – President Noynoy took the lead and took responsibility. A real man takes responsibility…
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