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Taking Manhood Back

Fat Brain produces Brain Farts

We just concluded our 5 day of prayer and fasting in church. In prayer and fasting instead of eating our breakfast, lunch and dinner, we have an extended time of prayer (individually and corporately) as a church and also an extended time of reading the Bible and letting God speak to us. After five days,…
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Jack Welch’s Straight from the Gut

I read this book as I was starting out in leadership and Jack Welch’s experience in turning a company around is amazing. I know the winner of this book will be inspired to do great in how he leads his team/ organization.   From Amazon.com It’s hard to think of a CEO that commands as…
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Starting the Year Right

It’s 2013 and another year has passed us. Like many, we now resort to writing our New Year’s resolutions, our faith goals or New Year objectives and that’s a great thing. It is always a good idea to start the year knowing what your objectives and depending on what those goals are, it should help…
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Values to Live By: Core Values

Christmas is over and people are preparing for 2013. I know it is going to be exciting. Even our team at Actlikeaman.org are excited for the upcoming year. We are cooking more blogs, events and even books for 2013. More than that we are trying to define our values as a social media influence. So…
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Don’t be a Slave Again

Men, don’t be a slave again. You have been set free from the power of sin and death. This is what I love about Christmas. It reminds me of the manger and the cross. It reminds me of Jesus – the blueprint of manhood. As men, we can be slaves to almost anything. Work, Money,…
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Baby Boy

We interrupt our daily actlikeaman blogs to introduce my baby boy Isaiah Seth Raphael. Thammie, thank you for being such a strong mom. I don’t think I can go through the same pain you went through in giving birth to our 3 kids. Isaiah, daddy is excited to play with you, teach you and walk…
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It has been more than a year since this came out. Never in my dreams did I imagine doing something like these. It pays to have a great wife to do this, Thanks Thammie Sy.      

Paano Maka 100 Pogi Points kay Jennica Garcia?

Real men are leaders. In order to be successful, he knows that he has to be with the Lord. A real man is far from being arrogant and quick-tempered. Instead, he is humble, patient and has self control. It is easy for him to accept defeat and admit that he is weak because he knows…
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Going out on date nights gets harder each time as we are faced with hundreds of choices of where to eat and hang out with your spouse. So Thammie and I devised an evil plan – do a food review of the different restaurants that we have tried out. 2 weeks ago we were given…
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Coward Men

It is hard to define a real man. Men who did not grow up with the proper understanding of biblical manhood or it was not ever modeled by the men around him usually ( and I say usually, not all the time) end up in either 2 categories: Coward and Chauvinist. I say usually because…
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