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Taking Manhood Back

LOVE AND DATING TIP #1: Do not fall in love with the idea of falling in love

One of the greatest mistake we make when it comes to dating the opposite sex is that we do so because we are in love with the concept and idea of falling in love. Maybe you watched a romantic movie or finished a romantic novel, or you just came from a conversation with friends about…
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Bro, Ang Labo Mo Naman, Malinaw Ba?

Maraming bagay na kailangan mong gawin kahit hindi malinaw ang lahat. Minsan kasi hindi naman magiging malinaw ang mga bagay hangga’t hindi ka nagsimulang humakbang. Tulad ng “faith”- minsan kailangan ikaw ang unang mag “step ¬†out” para malaman mo kung totoo talaga ang mga pangako ng Panginoon sayo. May mga bagay din naman na kailangan…
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The Last 5%

“The difference between success and failure is often about five percent more effort.” – S. Truett Cathy, founder and CEO of Chick fil-A. According to Mr. Cathy, the two key ingredients for success are hard work and commitment. “The difference between success and failure is often about five percent more effort. But we start to…
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The Difference Between Interest and Commitment

So whether its marriage, your work, your family or your sports – what separates those who excel are the interested and the committed. I know a lot of men who are interested to get married but when you start telling them to take responsibility – they back down – why? Because they are not committed…
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Men And Their Promises

I was cleaning up my cabinet last night and found these… They may not look like much now, but back when I first bought these they were bright and shiny. Like the promises they represent. Promise rings as some would call them. You see, before, I tend to make promises to women. A promise to…
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