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Taking Manhood Back

LOVE AND DATING TIP #1: Do not fall in love with the idea of falling in love

One of the greatest mistake we make when it comes to dating the opposite sex is that we do so because we are in love with the concept and idea of falling in love. Maybe you watched a romantic movie or finished a romantic novel, or you just came from a conversation with friends about…
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Waiting Time is not Wasting Time

Don’t confuse “waiting time” for wasted time. If you’ve been put into a position to wait, you might as well make the most out of it. cymbalta buy Build meaningful relationships. Learn a new skill. Pray for clarity and direction. Every season has its own purpose. Even if you don’t see anything, there’s always something…
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Utang, Rebound Guy, Feelings

1. A colleague borrowed money from me years ago and said “nahihiya sya” when I last contacted him but he still hasn’t paid and no longer responds to my calls/messages and he either blockd me in fb or deleted his acct. I’ve tried not to be angry about it. Nakikita mo pa ba siya kasi…
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A Blog for Singles: How to Be the Significant Other

The problem with most of the style of dating and courtship that men make is that they try to hard sell themselves. You are trying to convince the girl that you are the best man for her. You try so hard to put your best foot forward. You bring her to a very expensive restaurant…
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Be A Superman in College

Here is the 2nd blog of our series: What Women Want Men to Know. Guest Blogging is Kara De Leos Whoever said that one must finish college first before getting into a relationship must have never really experienced the real college life. It’s truly much easier than done. Everyday is a battlefield as you see…
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How to Practically Lead our Girlfriend as Men

Due to popular demand, Cordof3strands founder and blogger Christian Ongtangco is back with another yet practical and insightful blog on how we can practically lead: He has more on his site http://cordof3strands.org/ Here are practical ways a single woman can do to let a man lead, as well as for men to serve as a…
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