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Taking Manhood Back

An open letter of sorrow from a regretful daughter to her father

I have always promised myself not to be like them…those people who have so many things to regret after a loved one’s unexpected passing. I had so many plans, so many dreams for our family. I told myself that I will one day achieve all of my goals, prove myself to the world. So why,…
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A Father’s Tale

A blog written by Leng Escalante “Shine! Shine Leng! Leng!” It was Papa calling me. Was it time for him to go again? I fixed my long hair behind my ears and threw the red little plastic shovel I was using to dig into the muddy soil. Don and i were making little tunnels through…
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He says, She says …. A blog about fathers …. and fathers-in-law

By: Ryan & Karren CarneroRyan: I grew up with Ding, a very disciplined man when it comes to work and finances. I won’t claim to be rich, but I guess, one of the perks of being an only child is being well-provided. He gave me the chance to travel at a very young age. He…
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Father’s Day Blog Entry #1: My OFW Dad

My Papa lived a “Maalaala mo kaya” life, and this is a story I grew up with. He told this to us time and again, not to brag, but for us to appreciate that God has blessed our family so much, and we must be grateful for it. He came from a family of 12.…
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The Dad that I Miss Very Much

Guest blog from Rica Monzon This is the 2nd time I’m writing about my dad. The first one was back in college…x number of years ago. It was an article that got published in school and sent a number of friends into tears because of the love-hate relationship I had with my dad and how…
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The Day I Told My Dad I Love Him

I told my dad I love him for the first time when I was 23 years old. It happened one day, when we were the only ones at home. My dad is a stoic 63 year old, man of few words type. Needless to say, we weren’t that close. As he was watching TV, I…
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He Never Did but I Still Love Him

Second Father’s Day Blog Entry by Pearl Hilario My dad never told me these words: “I love you.” “I’m proud of you.” “You’re beautiful.” Those were the words I longed to hear from him but he never did! I always ask God why he never did. It hurts me whenever I thought about it. But…
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Father’s Day Entry: “Victor”-ious Dad

I know having 4 kids that have different personalities and ways of thinking is very hard for my dad. It may be challenging for him since we have different moods and attitudes that he should adjust when talking to us, disciplining us or on how he should show his love for us. My dad is…
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Time to Honor your Dad

It’s Father’s day this Sunday and we are looking for people who are interested to write a blog about their dad. I believe being a daddy is a thankless job and it would be great for you to honor your dad. If your blog is chosen, we will be featuring them this coming weekend. We…
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Honoring Fathers

Here is a message I delivered during this year’s Father’s day. Hope you learn how we can honor the fathers in our lives.