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Taking Manhood Back

Who are the Men that Stand Besides You

Let me share with you Raffy’s story. Raffy worked in sales, and because of this he had to go to a lot of events. He had to bring clients out, and every Friday his ritual with his officemates was to drink to end the tiring week. At the same time he went on numerous dead-end…
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Question of the Week: When Friends Disappoint You

Question: What should you do when friends disappoint you? Answer: Friends – people in general will always disappoint you. We live in an imperfect world with imperfect people. We will be disappointed. The question you should rather be asking is how would I take it when friends disappoint us. Disappointments can vary. Some can be…
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How can we be lovers and not friends?

If you love someone how can you be contented to be friends with him/her if there is feelings involved? What I should do? A great foundation of marriage is friendship. If you are friends now and you are comfortable talking about your standing as friends, I think it is healthy to discuss it with openly…
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