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Taking Manhood Back

Before you say I Do

Kuya Ba or Boyfriend?

What to do with a girl na tinatrato niya daw ako bilang kuya pero ang dating sakin ay parang BF niya na ako, how do you tell her na kailangan din ng boundaries, at clarity without hurting her? Is it also advisable to have some distance between us? Mukhang ang tamang tanong is what do…
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Formspring Question: Too Much Conservative, Ok ba?

Is too much conservative is Bad? i mean kasi po minsan pag sexy ung GF ko lagi ko minsan sinasabihan ko like yung sa short shorts I ask her na laging medyo mahaba yung gamitin nya tapos minsan pag labas ung cleavage nya, tinataas ko damit nya.   Hello brother, mukhang ang problema mo problema…
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What if the girl I am dating has a car and I don’t???

I like a girl who has a car, pero ako wala (but I don’t own one). Paano siya i-ask on a date or how do I go about it? Awkward naman diba kung she will drive for me? Hindi naman ok manghiram ng car just to show-off.. Okay honestly CARS makes it convenient to go…
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Val, Do You Understand Women?

I had a recent amazing revelation!!! After several months of knowing my girlfriend deeper, having fun times and not-so-fun times, I realized that the things we debate on, those things we don’t agree about- those are the things I simply do not understand about her. The things that she does that doesn’t makes sense to…
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In A Relationship: Who’s The Hero Now?

If I were to define this year, there’s no other word but: FAST. This year is definitely the year of the “suddenly” for me. Earlier this year I started pursuing my girlfriend 🙂 (article here.) She eventually said yes to me, and then after some time, on the 10th month of this year, I began praying…
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Men And Their Promises

I was cleaning up my cabinet last night and found these… They may not look like much now, but back when I first bought these they were bright and shiny. Like the promises they represent. Promise rings as some would call them. You see, before, I tend to make promises to women. A promise to…
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Is your Partner Annoying You?

Before marriage, opposites attract.  After marriages, opposites attack.  What was once appealing is now annoying! – Mark Merrill Things change. Your spouse change. Don’t even dream that thing will stay the same forever. It is a pipe dream. And I think God really designed marriage as a covenant because people change – some for the…
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In A Relationship: Defining Your Values

I am writing here things that I am currently learning while being in a relationship. (Yes I am! With a beautiful God-fearing woman!) I strongly believe that as men we should be the one taking the lead in the relationship. Men should be the one setting the pace for the relationship to really mature in…
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My Boyfriend wants to keep the relationship a SECRET

Two common questions in my formspring that I’ll answer: I have a boyfriend, we’re both Christians and we’ve been best friends as everyone knows for a long time. but now, he doesn’t want others even our parents to know about it (our relationship), because he thinks it’s not yet time. Should I still convince him?…
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