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Taking Manhood Back

What to Do with your Boyfriend Who Has No Plans of Marrying You Yet?

Our First Facebook Live with Thammie. It was such a fun impromptu experience. It was all unplanned but it was fun!

Overrated Love

One of the most powerful thing a couple would discover when it comes to marriage is that love is overrated. Love – how the world defines it. Being married for 9 years to a wonderful woman, I found myself thinking more about love. In our early years of marriage, I thought love was full of…
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When In Doubt, Love Your Wife

I am an extreme rule follower. There is something about rules, laws and instructions that attracts me to just obey. A sort of innate longing to be correct. To be right. It’s no surprise that I have carried this trait in my relationship with my wife. I follow a certain set of standards, obey “best practices” I’ve…
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Overlook or Deal with It

With the success of the blog series WHAT WOMEN WANT MEN TO KNOW, we are starting a brand new blog series: LESSONS FROM THE SINGLE MAN. To kick off this series, our guest blogger today is Dodge Ronquillo. I just got engaged this year, and am learning a lot about this. I didn’t think it would be…
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We Start our Love+Marriage Series

I am excited for tomorrow’s talk at Victory Greenhills. I will be discussing LOVE+MARRIAGE. We have received tons of positive  feedback on our series WILL YOU thus we are extending our talk on love and marriage. This talk is open to both singles and married. And we are doing something exciting because for the next…
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The Scene in Les Miserables that Made me Cry

Lately I have been crying – very unlike me – maybe because I am getting older or there are things in life that makes you see how weak you are. This week Thammie and I watched Les Miserable. It was a wonderful movie. Our friends kept on saying how nice it was so I tried…
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Reasons for Break Ups

So many break-ups and divorces are happening today. Some years ago, people would be ashamed to admit a break-up, much more a divorce. However, nowadays there are people who, without a second thought, would tell you that they’ve had 3 divorces or 5 previous break-ups. The sad part about it is that it’s becoming the norm and…
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Values to Live By: Love

The world is also doubting. Ask a woman on the street what they think about men and most of them will say that men will at least cheat in a relationship once. There is a doubt of real love, a sacrificial love. When I thought of the blog series values to live by, I was…
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Val, Do You Understand Women?

I had a recent amazing revelation!!! After several months of knowing my girlfriend deeper, having fun times and not-so-fun times, I realized that the things we debate on, those things we don’t agree about- those are the things I simply do not understand about her. The things that she does that doesn’t makes sense to…
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Dissecting Manhood with Author Ru Dela Torre

Had the chance to interview Ru Dela Torre, author of three books and a youth pastor in His Life Pampanga on his thoughts about manhood, women and dating. Dennis Sy: What is a Real Man for you? RU: Loves God above all else. Lives to Honor God. Worships God in Spirit and in Truth (pleasing…
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