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Two Things Manny Pacquiao Won

In his fight with Tim Bradley, Manny Pacquiao may have deserved that belt, but he gained more. After watching how Manny accepted the judges’ decision with grace and self-control, he has earned our respect and admiration. <a href="http://www.act Lawn Business Success Course likeaman.org/manny-pacquiao-won/pacpraying2/” rel=”attachment wp-att-2759″> 1. RESPECT Manny says,”Let’s give credit to Bradley. He did […]

The Judge’s Decision: PacBradley

Well, the judges made the decision and we cannot contest it but here are some reasons why Manny should have retained his title: And here is another one Some Tweets from the fans: Manny landed double the punches, but Bradley landed double the hugs – Ryan Higa BRADLEY, I’M GLAD UR CONCIOUS IS EATING U […]