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Taking Manhood Back

Starting Our Year With Planning and Goal Setting

Last 2014 we decided to set aside some time out of town to just focus and write down things that we are believing God for. We went for a 2 hour road trip to a mountain resort and wrote it there. This year we did it again. We chose one of the nicest garden restaurants within…
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My Advice To My Twenty-Something Self #Lovelife

I just turned 31 last month. Whew! đŸ˜‰ As I was pondering on my life (see previous blog here), the things I did wrong and the things I did right…Naisip ko din bigla… “Kung may mai-papayo ka sa mas nakababata mong sarili ngayon, ano ang sasabihin mo sa kanya?” Well, sa totoo lang marami. But…
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In A Relationship: Who’s The Hero Now?

If I were to define this year, there’s no other word but: FAST. This year is definitely the year of the “suddenly” for me. Earlier this year I started pursuing my girlfriend đŸ™‚ (article here.) She eventually said yes to me, and then after some time, on the 10th month of this year, I began praying…
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