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Taking Manhood Back

Finding the Right One

Here is the latest episode of WWJDPH on finding the right one. I was featured in this episode. Get more tips on biblical manhood from my new book Act Like a Man. You can order by clicking here

The Reason Behind Breakups and Divorces

So many break-ups and divorces are happening today. Some years ago, people would be ashamed to admit a break-up, much more a divorce. However, nowadays there are people who, without a second thought, would tell you that they’ve had 3 divorces or 5 previous break-ups. The sad part about it is that it’s becoming the norm and…
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Parang Non Existent Ako….

I have a question,, I need a guy’s viewpoint what if close ka sa isang guy kasi magkaibigan kau tapos all of a sudden biglang naging suplado na sau..parang u don’t exist na..kinukontra lahat ng sinasabi mo.Magiliw sa lahat saakin lang aloof…parang wala lang ako sa paligid..tapos parang sinasadya pa na iparamdam sa akin? wala…
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Kuya Ba or Boyfriend?

What to do with a girl na tinatrato niya daw ako bilang kuya pero ang dating sakin ay parang BF niya na ako, how do you tell her na kailangan din ng boundaries, at clarity without hurting her? Is it also advisable to have some distance between us? Mukhang ang tamang tanong is what do…
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Relationship Tip: Decide Before You Feel

It was the first time I heard someone said it and she was pertaining to me. Thammie told me when we got engaged that she never felt that loving feeling towards me that love songs would describe or movies would depict. I couldn’t believe my ears. I said that was impossible. With my gorgeous face…
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Conservative, wait for me, Sawing OFW

1. Pano pag super conservative nung girl. Gusto k sya at sabi ng friends nya crush nya daw ako. pero tahimik lang sya lagi sakin. Ang labo nmn, pano po yun? Bro mas malabo ka. Gusto ka ng girl at gusto mo din siya pero u expect na siya ang mag first move. Ikaw ang…
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Overlook or Deal with It

With the success of the blog series WHAT WOMEN WANT MEN TO KNOW, we are starting a brand new blog series: LESSONS FROM THE SINGLE MAN. To kick off this series, our guest blogger today is Dodge Ronquillo. I just got engaged this year, and am learning a lot about this. I didn’t think it would be…
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Fix It Dennis and Why It Irritates Women

I learned this the hard way and to honestly say I am still a major work in progress when it comes to listening to my wife. I don’t know if I should blame it to my ADD tendencies and symptoms but I know this is something I need to work on if I want Thammie…
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Where is the Man?

Guest Blogger for today is Lourdy Grace as we continue our series WHAT WOMEN WANT MEN TO KNOW “Where is the man?”  That’s a million dollar question is in it?! for a single woman like me. People asked me this question again and again! But still they get the same answer from me after all…
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My Boyfriend wants to keep the relationship a SECRET

Two common questions in my formspring that I’ll answer: I have a boyfriend, we’re both Christians and we’ve been best friends as everyone knows for a long time. but now, he doesn’t want others even our parents to know about it (our relationship), because he thinks it’s not yet time. Should I still convince him?…
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