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Taking Manhood Back

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Lord Pahingi Ng Lovelife, Ktnxbye!

Prayer yan ng madaming lalaki. Naging prayer ko din yan. At sana, prayer mo din yan. Huwag ka ma guilty sa pag pray sa lovelife mo bro. Sabi nga sa 1 Peter 5:7, He cares. Pero alam mo ang malungkot, kapag sinagot na ni God yung prayer natin, tapos bigla tayong mawawala sa Kanya. Parang…
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GF for Seven Years, is it okay?

Love question of the week: Is it okay to have a girlfriend and yet marry her after 5 to 7 years? The question I think should be is it wise to have a girlfriend when you are not prepared to have one? Why let a girl for so long without any guarantees of marriage. Don’t…
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Val, Do You Understand Women?

I had a recent amazing revelation!!! After several months of knowing my girlfriend deeper, having fun times and not-so-fun times, I realized that the things we debate on, those things we don’t agree about- those are the things I simply do not understand about her. The things that she does that doesn’t makes sense to…
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In A Relationship: Who’s The Hero Now?

If I were to define this year, there’s no other word but: FAST. This year is definitely the year of the “suddenly” for me. Earlier this year I started pursuing my girlfriend 🙂 (article here.) She eventually said yes to me, and then after some time, on the 10th month of this year, I began praying…
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Blog inspired by Clara Benin’s Song “CLOSURE” This is a very sensitive topic but something that every man needs to know and what every woman wants every time a romantic relationship ends – CLOSURE. Closure does not mean – let’s split up and not talk about it. Closure doesn’t mean texting someone to end the…
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Men Go To Church

I think men should go to church. No, not the wear-your-best-semi-formal-attire-sit-on-an-airconditioned-room-for-two-hours-then-leave-as-fast-as-you-can Sunday habit. Although, having a routine like that might define “church” for some. That’s good, at least you have something to start with. But what I’m trying to say is, I hope men really go to church. Let me explain it the way I…
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Why do Guys Walk Away?

Here is a question that I think men need to answer. A girl posted this in my formspring account: Why do guys just walk out and do not say anything? I will give mine but would also like to ask others to give their answer. Answer: I think some guys just walk away because they…
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Standard of Beauty

As men, we are wired to be very visual. They say the first thing that attracts a man to a woman is the beauty that he sees in her. I think this is true for every man who married his wife. He started by seeing the beauty of his wife. His standard of beauty is…
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