The Two Boys of an Alcoholic

Taking Manhood Back

The Two Boys of an Alcoholic

This story hit home. So simple, yet so powerful:


“Two twin boys were raised by an alcoholic father. One grew up to be an alcoholic & when asked what happened he said ” I watched my father”…

The other grew up and never drank in his life. When he was asked what happened he said “I watched my father”…

Two boys, same dad, two different perspectives. Your perspective in life will determine your destination. Today’s a new day. Go.”

This short story is such an inspiration to us who have been haunted by the demoralizing truth of finding out “what we hated in our parents/mom/dad” is ALSO IN US.(Super ouch:))

But it doesn’t have to end the same way. The other son chose a different path. You and I can be just like that.

The “non-alcoholic” son did 2 things right:

1. He faced the brutal truth of his negative family pattern.(alcoholism)

2. He put up guards against it.(he never drank)

And the alcoholic son? Well, he just embraced Daddy’s pattern and ended up with the same lifestyle:(

It’s up to you & me if we will ALLOW these bad patterns to go on.

So DON’T GIVE UP! You CAN be different:)


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