What If You Can’t Fail?

Taking Manhood Back

What If You Can’t Fail?

dream_big_300We were having dinner in my aunt’s house this week when HBO was showing the movie New Year’s Eve. Now I wasn’t paying attention to the movie and was busy playing my NBA 2k13 when a line from the movie caught my attention. ¬†And let me paraphrase what I heard:

“If you knew that you won’t fail, what is something that you will do?” paused. “Then do it!”

Something to that effect….

2014 should be the year where you stop being safe and start taking risk in living out the dream God has for you. Do not be afraid of failure. You will fail – it’s part of the journey. It is what we do after we fail or for some it is facing the fear to fail that would be the start of fulfilling your dreams. Pursue your dream no matter how hard and far it is. It is what will keep you going and it is your hope for the future.

Also be careful of dream stealers, dream killers and dream assassins. Sometimes you can be your own dream stealer, sometimes its the people who are close to you but don’t give up on God given dreams.

When I was in high school, I had a dream to marry a beautiful girl. I am now married to a beautiful wife. I dream to have wonderful kids, I am now a father of three wonderful kids.

When I was 15 I had a dream of speaking to thousands of people, now I do it every week, preaching to thousands of people every week.

When I was 16 I dreamt of writing a book. I knew it was close to impossible but this year I published my book that is now a certified best seller.

When I was in college, somebody prophesied that I will be preaching in different countries. This year I was able to preach in Macau and next year I’ll be preaching in Dubai.

I look back at all the dreams I have written down and I know it is God. When God gives you a dream, don’t give up. It is ALWAYS too soon to quit.


Dream Big, Work Hard. Nice thing to start doing by 2014