Why Some Men in Power Can’t Follow the Rule

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Why Some Men in Power Can’t Follow the Rule

It was supposed to be a simple rule. After 10pm, you can’t exit the Banyan gate of Dasmarinas Village and have to proceed to the main gate. I have been a resident of Dasmarinas Village growing up and the Village policies are there for one single purpose – the safety of the residents. Rules are meant to be followed or chaos follows. As a resident of Dasmarinas Village, it wasn’t really hard to follow simple rules.

As we all know last week, the mayor of Makati and his armed men had a run in with the security guards of the village when they were not allowed to exit the village gate and was asked to exit the main gate. The mayor insisted on exiting the gate and his armed men harassed the poor security guards for doing their job.

The security agency had come out with an apology to the city mayor which was quite surprising since the guards did nothing wrong. The guards who stopped the mayor from exiting where also sent to prison and freed afterwards.

So what is wrong with the picture? If there is one word that best describes what we saw as a nation its ENTITLEMENT.


We live in an entitled culture where men and women think the world revolves around them and that rules don’t apply to them. We have voted some of the most entitled people in our senate, congress and local government. I remember my dad saying when I was around seven years old that politicians are public servants – they serve us. Well, I hope to see that happen someday.

Mind you this does not just happen among politicians. It happens to all of us. We tend to think rules don’t apply to us. From the mall entrance, to falling in line, paying on time, wearing the proper ID….. we think we are entitled. This is tested especially when we are given power.

It happens at home. Some fathers go home and do nothing because they think they are the only ones entitled to have a break after a hard day at the office. Some parents make the rules and break the rules. As Fathers we are called to lead and not be a tyrant. Entitled people are tyrants in the making. If they can’t follow simple rules what makes us think that they will not abuse the power that they have.

Entitlement makes us do the illogical things. Let us go back to the scenario at Dasmarinas Village:

Rule #1: You can’t exit the Banyan gate. The policy applies to all no matter what rank you have in national office.

Entitlement: No I want to exit the Banyan gate! Bodyguards do your thing!

Option: Turn around and exit the other gate. Simple solution!

Rule #2: Guns are to be used to people who are bad.

Entitlement: I’ll use my gun to my advantage whether I’m right or wrong. Heck, I’ll even call the police to add some manpower to bully the security guards who are doing their job.

Option: Turn around and exit the other gate. Simple solution!

Rule #3: Commend those who are doing their job.

Entitlement: I know they are doing their job but their main job is to make my life easier.

Option: Option: Turn around and exit the other gate. Simple solution!

Life is simple when entitlements are surrendered.