Race for Life 2013: Helping Other Never Goes Out of Style

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Race for Life 2013: Helping Other Never Goes Out of Style

Last November 30, Real Life Foundation had their annual Race for Life that attracts 8000 runners every year. This year I joined the buddy run with my daughter Alyanna who was so excited to run. The proceeds from Race for Life will be used to fund more than 100 scholars who are carefully handpicked by Real Life Foundation.

race for life 2013


We arrived 5am and there were thousands of people already. Alyanna and I in our 5am look.

race for life

Spotted people from Victory Greenhills!

daddy dates

Love this shot by Cathy Deen. Precious daddy-daughter time with Alyanna while at the same time helping hundreds of scholars.

race for life

Alyanna’s first official run where she actually run. The first time we had a run she was riding the stroller. Time flies!

lyn nawata

Lyn Nawata, head of Real Life Foundation. For those interested to partner with RealLife, you can do so by visiting their website

Editor’s note: Real Life is one of the foundation I support because of their vision to help students reach their dreams.