When the Numbers Don’t Tally

Taking Manhood Back

When the Numbers Don’t Tally

It was an epic battle. 250,000 fighting men from the Midianites versus 300 Israelites soldiers. This was another David and Goliath moment. God had to show up or Gideon and his army are dead meat in no time.

It wasn’t what Gideon signed up for. Gideon was from nowhere and he was no one. His clan was the least of all clans. Sa larong clash of the clans – kulelat si Gideon.

Then an angel appeared to Gideon and gives him a God vision. “Gideon, you are a mighty man of valor!” A man with no fighting experience, who came from the least of the clans was called to a man of valor. Yeah right! Yes right when God says it. He was giving Gideon a vision – a vision to fight for what belongs to God.

Now 32,000 Israelite fighting men showed up when Gideon made a call. God said that is too much for a 250,000 strong army of the Midianites. Then it was down to 10,000 men but God said still many. So they end up with 300 fighting men. Gideon’s army is the orignal 300. So why only 300? Because God was showing Gideon that a God vision is fulfilled supernaturally, not man’s ways but God’s way.

 gideon's 300

You see, the numbers don’t tally. In the natural, it doesn’t make sense. That is how God’s vision works. God gives us a vision and we know it is close to impossible but because it is the Lord fighting for us, everything is possible.

You might be fighting for something now. It might be your business, your marriage, your family, your debt, your finances. And you make a calculation and it won’t tally, it doesn’t make sense. Well, then read Gideon’s story and embrace God’s vision for you and your life. It will start to make sense.