How Women Makes us Men

Taking Manhood Back

How Women Makes us Men

In this world, a woman is God’s chief instrument for making a man responsible. He uses her to get him there. Just as the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, so also is the love of a good woman the beginning of male responsibility. Humanly speaking, you cannot get much masculinity without femininity. – Douglas Wilson

I just had dinner with my friend Christian and Ayi who have been married for 4 months. I met Christian three years ago and have seen him grow and mature in his leadership and work but and let me emphasize on the word BUT. But 4 months ago, when Christian and Ayi entered into marriage, it catapulted Christian to a whole new level of maturity and leadership.

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In our talk that night, I could see how determined he is more to provide well for his family. You could also sense a leadership mantle that communicates I am in control as long as we stick with God and each other.

His faith in Christ is also a major factor. Though a believer for the longest time, a man’s faith is tested all the more when he gets married and believes God for a house, provision, a child, a job, a strong marriage and a thousand more. It also pushes us men to man up and act like real men by working hard because we need to bring home the bacon.

Our wives has a lot to do with our maturity. As what they say, behind every great man is a woman.