Act Like a Man Roundup

Taking Manhood Back

Act Like a Man Roundup

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1. Why I Hate Porn

Porn is like a narcotic; it hijacks the brain, it redefines human sexuality, and in the meantime ruins lives, destroys families and destabilizes ministries. And honestly it’s a problem that makes me tired—tired of the devastation Satan is causing to children, women, families, pastors, churches and the world with this tragic evil.

Porn became a problem for me when I was only six, and by the grace of God that problem ended when Jesus saved me at age seventeen. But I know it rarely happens so cleanly. It is still a temptation, yes; temptation abounds living in the city I do, and with the heart I have, but grace abounds all the more in Jesus Christ.

Friends, I hate porn. And here’s why.

2. This is why Sex Outside of Marriage is Dangerous

A great look at pre-marital sex and its effect

3. Five Sure Fire Ways to Train our Kids to Look at Porn

Before I get into five surefire ways to motivate your child to use pornography, let me establish two important points.

The first is, no parent wants their child to become involved in pornography.

We all can agree on this.

The problem for many of us is, we do not understand the insidious allurement of pornography or how our behavior, though unintentional, can help shape a child to crave something that can lead him into a lifetime of slavery.

There are always unintended consequences for our actions. We can’t act one way, good or bad, and not expect our actions to have unintended consequences. Like a rock dropped into a lake, there will always be a ripple effect to our attitudes and actions.

4. What It’s Like Being a Dad?

The Skit Guys did it again, delivering a powerful skit on fatherhood.