What Would You Do If You See a Battered Woman?

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What Would You Do If You See a Battered Woman?

battered womenThere are far too many women who are being abused right now ( 1 out 4 wome, this are the reported cases) by coward men. I think it is high time we stand up for those who are being abused and informed everyone that we can do something about this collectively.

To the men who are abusing their girlfriend, fiancee or wife – you are a coward. You do it because physically you might be stronger but the mere act of going against someone who can’t fight back is pure cowardice.

To the women reading this blog, if you ain’t married, time to let go of that man. You deserve better and don’t believe the lie that no one will love you anymore. There are still men out there who loves Jesus and whose nature is to protect women and not hurt them. Once your boyfriend hits you, it doesn’t matter if he says sorry – it is a sign of violent patterns that would continue in the future unless he gets some professional help.

To the married women reading this and you are a battered woman – time to tell it to authorities ( your parents, the police, your pastor) If we do nothing, we are enabling the people hurting us. They will be more empowered to do what they are doing and you don’t deserve such treatment.