Protect your Core

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Protect your Core

I was privileged to be part of the MMA seminar conducted by the California Kid Urijah Faber. Through my friend and former MMA champion Chris Wong and MMA fighter Erwin Tagle, owner of the Ultra Fitness Metrowalk gym, I was given a rare chance to meet and greet and learn from Urijah Faber.

ujirah faber


During his workshop, he discussed a very important element in mixed martial arts. During the whole course, he always went back to this one very crucial thing every fighter needs to remember: PROTECT THE CORE.  The core is your most important part of the body. When the opponent hits your core, your in deep trouble.

In my life, I identified four cores that I need to protect with everything i’ve got. The main core is my faith in God. I think everything flows from there. To simplify, when I am okay with God – my marriage is better, my family is better and my work is better.

The second core is my wife. I love my wife and the only way for me to show that is by saying, showing and prioritizing her. My wife is my reflection. I need to take good care of my wife. She is a blessing from the Lord. Men who neglect their wife or are unfaithful to to their wife are compromised. According to Faber, when the opponent gets in your core, you are compromised. It is actually a very nice analogy. You get involved with another girl that is not your wife – then you are compromised and your marriage is compromised.

My third core are my kids. My kids are my legacy. My success in my work is nothing if my kids despise me for it. I don’t want to pastor a growing church that my kids don’t want to go to. I don’t want them to blame Jesus for taking daddy away from them. I get my kids involved in my faith. I get them involve in what we do as a family. We are a unit. We need to keep the family tight.

My fourth core is my work. Not just my pastoral work but whatever work the Lord calls me to do. If the Lord tells me that I’ll pastor till I die, I’ll guard it well and tight. If the Lord tells me to leave ministry and do his work as an actor (hehe), I’ll readily give it up because God’s call for me is my core.

Protect the core. Guard the core.