What I Told a 13 Year Old Girl on Her Birthday

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What I Told a 13 Year Old Girl on Her Birthday

What do you tell a thirteen year old girl who is an achiever, loves the Lord, obedient to her parents and is loved by everyone. I had to give a quick advice because I was picked without my knowledge to give an advice to Chinkee Tan’s daughter Kayla during her birthday. Hmm, so Lord what do i tell her?

And here is what came out: (something to this effect)

Kayla, you are 13. Thank God for your parents who showed you the way to be successful and godly. But as you turn a year older, you have to know that you have a choice to make. You see the faith of your parents are solid but it doesn’t mean they are okay with God you are automatically okay with God. Make a decision to own your faith in the Lord. You have a great example in front of you but you need to have your own time with the Lord.

My daughters are growing older everyday. My prayer is that as a father I may set them up for success in their faith and life. It is our role as fathers to set an example. Though it is not a guarantee that they will turn out well, it still is a great help for them to see someone modelling true faith.

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