You Will Never Know

Taking Manhood Back

You Will Never Know

You will never know how things will work out. You will never know the return of relational investments you have made in the past can produce fruitfulness. The past few months I am reminded of the people I have encountered more than a decade ago and to see them again still loving Jesus and productive with their lives is exciting.


In the picture above is Essan. I met Essan when we were still in the youth ministry. He was part of the small group that I was leading. Due to his work as a seaman, we rarely see each other. After ten years, while preaching in our church in Victory Ortigas, I saw a very familiar face. It was Essan!!! Essan still loves the Lord, still works as a seaman and is an active member of the church as his schedule permits.

rico ricafort

This picture is Thammie with her youth pastor and my friend Rico Ricafort. Thammie met Rico when he led a team of young people to Cagayan de Oro to help our start up Victory church in CDO. Because of Rico, Thammie was plugged into Victory where she met a handsome dashing youth leader and married him. I thank God for Rico and the team that went to CDO. Without them, I might not have met Thammie.

So why am I sharing this? Today I am reminded that you will never know whom God will place in your life and the impact they would have on you, your wife or your family. As I continue to meet new people, I am excited with the opportunities of shared lives and community. There are no accidents in this world especially when it comes to the people we meet. So make the most of every friendship that you develop.