Why is my Life Boring?

Taking Manhood Back

Why is my Life Boring?

We think parties, more followers in social media, keeping me busy and happy all the time can cure the boredom we feel in life, but it rarely does. Ask a party guy how he feels after a party, he longs for the next party – why? Because for him – life is boring. We need more parties to feel happy. For a person who lives for himself – life will be boring. Endlessly boring.

So what do we need to do to end boredom?

Find a cause for living.

For some, the cause is to live for so people may experience God’s love and grace.

For some, the cause is to help alleviate poverty.

For some, is to fight against the violence and abuse experienced by the poor.

For some, it is to see an upright government.

You want to end a boring life. Stop looking at yourself and find a cause to help add value to others.

get a cause