Do Something Small Today

Taking Manhood Back

Do Something Small Today

Most of us dream of doing BIG things. Big steps. What usually happens after the dream of doing something so enormous. Some try to take a giant leap and fall flat BIG time. Others decide it is too big and would not bother to pursue the BIG dream.

So what is the wisest thing to do? Take small steps to your dreams!


Whether it’s losing weight – start small. That means deciding to exercise 5 minutes a day. Eating less rice. Cutting off the softdrinks. Taking more steps in a day. Gradually you start to see weight loss happen.

It is the same way with wanting to be great at something. I asked my author friends how they published their first book. The answer was simple. Write everyday. I finished my first book by writing 1000 words a day. In a matter of months, you could have a 25000 word book.

It applies in marriage and parenting. You want to honor your wife? Start by opening the door for her. Then move on and start kissing her and hugging her. You don’t have to give her an LV bag for her to feel appreciated and loved. Do the small things today.

Your kids are not looking for more Disneyland trips. Accompany them to a local bookstore and read books with them. Show up in their graduation. Swim with them, read with them, play with them, watch a movie with them, go out and eat at Jollibee.

Start doing something small today.