Tuao: Back to our Roots

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Tuao: Back to our Roots

After more than a decade, my daughter Alyanna and I decided to go back to the province where my dad grew up. You see my dad loves his province. He loves it so much that he just built a house in his hometown and an events place to cater to wedding functions, parties and for church. I was tasked to do the blessing of the building that is strategically located in the center of the town.



After the dedication, my brothers decided we go down memory lane and visit the places where we once played when we were kids. We had fond memories of Tuao because of the stories my dad told us about the place and his life with his 11 siblings. We decided to ride the KALESA so that our kids can get to experience something that we don’t usually do in Metro Manila.

kalesa ride

The kalesa ride was actually a neat idea because despite of the scorching heat in the province and not to mention it was brownout because of the electrical repairs they were doing in Tuao city, we were able to experience the cool fresh breeze of the province when we went to the more isolated streets in the province. We asked the driver how much it would cost us to ride the kalesa for 30 minutes and we were charged only P50 for the ride. After the ride, we went to the park to play with the kids.

tuao park

In moments like these where you realized how simple happiness is especially when it comes to creating good memories with our kids. They were so excited that we spend an hour in the park laughing and enjoying. It actually cost nothing financially to build great memories with them. After the park, Alyanna and I decided to go around the town and visit the palengke and our old house. We were able to buy some nice tsinelas/slippers for only P50.




Seeing the very house where my dad grew up made me appreciate my father more. He lived a simple life and he continues to live a simple life. Life doesn’t have to be that complicated. I think it is one lesson he has taught us. Be happy with the blessings that God gives you. Be content and at the same time try to be faithful with the little that God gives you and make it grow. Not to make you richer for richness sake but to make you more generous and give back. This week, my dad has given back to his roots by opening a place where churches can meet and others could rent.


a 450 seating hall for special occasions


Thank you papa for living a good life. A life that helps and is generous towards others. A life that points people to God and exemplifies servant leadership. I am blessed to be your son!