GF for Seven Years, is it okay?

Taking Manhood Back

GF for Seven Years, is it okay?

Love question of the week: Is it okay to have a girlfriend and yet marry her after 5 to 7 years?


The question I think should be is it wise to have a girlfriend when you are not prepared to have one? Why let a girl for so long without any guarantees of marriage. Don’t enter into something you are not ready.

Ask this question – if you were the girl, would you want to wait five to seven years before the guy says let’s get married. So you court me at the age of 25 and marry me at 32. That’s seven years of uncertainty.

Again, let me repeat – a woman would appreciate a man to have a workable plan. Something more concrete if possible.

To help you with your decision, I wrote a book that I’ll be launching next month: Act Like a Man: Taking Manhood Back and I’ll be giving practical ways on how you can have a workable plan.