Manly Maxim #4: Whose Glory?

Taking Manhood Back

Manly Maxim #4: Whose Glory?

Let me go straight to maxim #4: Manly men live to the glory of God.

A man cannot fulfil his purpose if he is living for applause, approval, and affirmation in this world. it simply will not come – not enough, certainly, to answer the needs of his soul.

A man is meant to carry such a responsibility that he will descend into exhaustion and resentment if he does not have the inner resources that come from living in connection with God.

Men are meant to tend the lives of others in such a way that they must have insight that comes from beyond them.

– Stephen Mansfield

What is very crucial in manly maxim #4 is the fact that man cannot do manly things by his own power. The world tend to celebrate self-made men but in reality – we cannot be self made men. Something’s got to give if we do things in our own strength. It would be hard for a man to look for life, meaning and strength in his own self.

Men, it would be impossible to find true fulfilment if we live for the glory of ourselves. When we bask in our own glory and make our main motivation to live for ourselves.

We live for the glory of God, we live to the glory of God. What drives us to live out biblical manhood is not to prove that we are better men than the men of this world but to show the world  that strong men are first to admit they are weak apart from Christ.