Man Tip 2: Comfort Room Space

Taking Manhood Back

Man Tip 2: Comfort Room Space

Let me introduce to you the concept of personal space. Men have a big personal space that cannot be cross by another man. In the Philippines, when a man greets another man, we don’t hug – we shake hands. Only my buddies can give me a closer handshake. Hug – maybe in your dreams. Hugs are reserved for family.

Now – in the comfort room, it gets more sensitive.

When urinating, there must be an empty urinal between you and the next guy. You don’t go and urinateĀ in the next available urinal, leave a space. A big space. The farther the better.

When you stand and urinate next to a guy when there are available urinals – you are either a stalker or a weirdo. Why? Because men don’t do that. It’s creepy bro!

The only exception is when the comfort room has only two urinals. In that case, go ahead and urinate next to the guy – it won’t affect your manhood.