Man Tip #3: Never Fight a Girl

Taking Manhood Back

Man Tip #3: Never Fight a Girl

We see this too often today. A man who screams at a female waitress, attendant or his wife. It doesn’t matter whoever that is – you don’t shout at, scream at or fight a girl especially if she can beat you squarely in a fist fight.

There was a time that I was waiting in line to pay for a movie ticket when the guy in front of me was screaming at the woman in the ticket booth. It was very disturbing that I wanted to do something about it. It was very unmanly for the guy to scream at the girl. No matter how right you are – you have no right to fight a girl. You are a man – don’t fight a girl.

If you cannot control your emotions and want to just shout at the opposite sex – get out of that place and cool yourself somewhere else. It is not worth it no matter how right you are – it’s wrong.