Are you Issue Oriented or Purpose Oriented?

Taking Manhood Back

Are you Issue Oriented or Purpose Oriented?

Dangerous men are never issue oriented.

I have had many people approach me asking should I tithe or not? why is the airconditioning in church cold, why is it hot? why is the music too loud or the mix confusing? why do I wear jeans and not slacks as the Bible commanded? why is the church sending missionaries when there are a lot of Filipinos who need to hear the gospel?

They are valid questions for people who love to talk. After 8 years of pastoring the church, I’ve realized that there are two kinds of Christians – the safe ones and the dangerous ones. When I say dangerous – I am not talking about the people I try to hide because they will kill me. I am talking about men and women of God who are fearless and they have embraced the dangerous mission of advancing the kingdom of God.

On the other hand, you have the safe Christians. This are people who love to talk about issues. Issues that they deem important. Issues that they think would change the course of history and transform nations. Issues like I mentioned above. Issues that are actually solved when they take action.




“Pastor the airconditioning in church is so cold. I can’t stand it.”

Answer: Wear a jacket next week. Answer #2 if answer #1 won’t suffice – find a new church.

“Pastor, why do we keep sending missionaries to the nations when there are a lot of Filipinos who need to hear the gospel?”

Answer: When was the last time you shared the gospel to someone? Are you living a life that consistently preaches the gospel to fellow Filipinos? Are you also not just evangelizing but discipling and meeting up with the new disciples that you have shared the gospel with?

If the answer is yes, then let me tell you how God commanded us to go to the nations. If the answer won’t suffice – find a new church.

“Pastor, why do you wear jeans? We need to wear our Sunday’s best when we go to church.”

Answer: Why not? I am wearing my Sunday’s best when I go to church. I put on the full armor of God. Before leaving the house, I put on the breastplate of righteousness, I also put on my helmet of salvation, I wear the belt of truth to combat against the lies of the enemy, I take up the shield of faith to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one and I take up the sword of the Spirit for warfare. Lastly, I put on my gospel shoes to preach and go to dangerous territories where safe Christians don’t dare go. In fact, I wear this everyday not just Sunday because God deserves the best every single day of our lives.

If you are trying to live a safe kind of faith, it’s time to repent and change your mind and actions. Embrace God’s purpose for your life and for the church. Think and live for more than you. Embrace the cause of following Jesus. It’s worth the shift!

Tomorrow, I’ll blog about the dangerous ones.