Roadmap to Manhood

Taking Manhood Back

Roadmap to Manhood

A man without a map will be a man without a spine; he’ll lack both conviction and courage. A man without a map will be a man without a heart; he’ll lack both passion and compassion.

– Darrin Patrick, The Dude’s Guide to Manhood

Billy-Calling_Out We live in a fatherless generation. That is a big problem.

But a big problem doesn’t mean there is no solution. But we do need a big solution.

We need collaboration. We need more men who would raise up the standard of biblical manhood.

Last year, we have seen thousands of men respond to the call of biblical manhood. We started an Act Like a Man summit last year in our local church with the help of Pastor Joseph Bonifacio and Pastor Gilbert Foliente.

We also saw the growth of this website attracting more than 1.5 million views last year.

I also started an FB page on biblical manhood, where you can join and post personal blogs or helpful blogs on manhood. Click here to join

Other websites on manhood, fatherhood and relationships have been launched by good friends also. Here are some recommended sites you need to bookmark:

1. Award Winning Singer/ Crooner Richard Poon and Actress Maricar Reyes started their blog RELATIONSHIP MATTERS which talks about relational issues married couples face. Must read for all!

2. Finance Coach Randell Tiongson teaches us men to save, invest and spend wisely.

3. Every Nation Campus Director Joseph Bonifacio gives us valuable insights on manhood, life and relationships with his blog.

4. Here is a great blog site for dads – ALL PRO DAD

5. Pastor Paolo Punzalan has an excellent site for men and women alike. He regularly blogs on faith and fatherhood.

Get theological on biblical manhood and womanhood, visit this site – Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

We hope to see more men join the revolution to bring manhood back. It’s time we make a difference in our homes, church, community and our cities.