One of the Best Leadership Example

Taking Manhood Back

One of the Best Leadership Example

This is leadership. Servant Leadership. Speechless.

A few year ago Haruka Nishimatsu made a move that 99.9% of American CEOs would dare not do and would likely have night mares about. He cut all his perks and then slashed his salary when a layoff hit his company. In the aftermath of 2007, Nishimatsu made $90,000. A tidy sum for many, but much less than many of JAL’s pilots and certainly MUCH LESS than American CEOs. He takes public transit to work and eats lunch next to the plebes in the cafeteria.

When asked why he made such a bold move, his response was simple.

“We in Japan learned during the bubble economy that businesses who pursue money first fail. The business world has lost sight of this basic tenet of business ethics.”

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