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I Need Men…..

I need men walking closely enough with me to know who I am. I need men who love me but aren’t afraid of me. I need men with whom I can experience the joy and wildness of being a man but who are also invested in me being all I can be – just as I am invested in them. 

To be the finest man I can be, I need big brothers, little brothers, fathers and just plain buddies. I need men who know what I can be and know what might keep me from it. I need men who can push me to my destiny.

Let me be more specific. I need men who walk closely enough with me to notice the angry cellphone call I just had with my wife. They have to have the courage to mention it and ask what’s going on. They help. They insist upon my best. 

They are also near enough to know when I’m checking out the backside of the waitress. They point it out. They challenge me. They ask what’s going on at home.

That’s the deal. I need to do life with other men. 

– taken from Stephen Mansfield’s book Building your Band of Brother

Today, I challenge the men to build your band of brothers. Not drinking buddies, not sports friends, not gym buddies. People who would watch your back and you doing the same to them.

As I was writing this blog, my daughter came up to me asking where I bought the new apple. She said that outside it looks fine, but when she opened it, it was already rotten. It’s the same way with our lives. We might look good outside and do fine but only if you surround yourself and be vulnerable to other men in your life do you see some rotten areas that need to be addressed. This is the reason we need others around us to point the blind spots in our lives.

“The man who is self-defined – who lives only in the light of his own understanding of himself – is a fool.”  – Stephen Mansfield

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