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Taking Manhood Back

Love Advice from A Couple Married for 38 Years: How to Fight Right

Before Valentine’s we got to sit with Boni and Estela De Jesus and asked them some questions about marriage, money and couples fighitng. Enjoy the video!

What to Do with your Boyfriend Who Has No Plans of Marrying You Yet?

Our First Facebook Live with Thammie. It was such a fun impromptu experience. It was all unplanned but it was fun!

For Marriage to Work its never 50-50

When I entered marriage, a lot of people advised us that for marriage to work, you’ve got to learn to sacrifice and work towards having a 50-50 relationship. It is give and take. They said Thammie and I need to mutually fulfil each other. It sounded like a great idea. We both need to fulfil…
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Before you say I Do

Dear Thammie

He who finds a wife, finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord. – Proverbs 18:22 February 2005 – I received the biggest favor from the Lord. I married my wife Thammie. Well technically, God gave Thammie to me. I think my human powers would be impossible to make her like me, love…
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Love and Dating Tip#2: Date with the Intent of Marriage

Today, it is a normal practice for a man to date/ court someone even when marriage is far from his mind. I think that practice is unwise. I am not saying it is wrong – but it is not wise, not strategic and well…. selfish in some ways. Why date someone without the intent of…
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LOVE AND DATING TIP #1: Do not fall in love with the idea of falling in love

One of the greatest mistake we make when it comes to dating the opposite sex is that we do so because we are in love with the concept and idea of falling in love. Maybe you watched a romantic movie or finished a romantic novel, or you just came from a conversation with friends about…
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Nakakapagod Na Magpa Cute sa Mga Girls

Magastos pumorma, kasi yung ibang girls gusto may swag, yung iba gusto medyo formal. Tapos yung iba gusto sweet, yung iba naman gusto intelligent look. Nakakapagod din pala maging single tapos naghahanap ka ng magiging partner no? Naisip mo din ba ‘yan? Ako naisip ko yan dati. Nakakapagod talaga. Pati bulsa mo mapapagod. Kasi lilibre mo yung…
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Finding the Right One

Here is the latest episode of WWJDPH on finding the right one. I was featured in this episode. Get more tips on biblical manhood from my new book Act Like a Man. You can order by clicking here

Joe D Mango on Act Like a Man

This book clearly redefines our paradigm of the ideal man. It spreads itself across all areas of our lives and is subtly rich in biblical references and life changing facts. It’s a no-nonsense, thought-provoking and eye-opening guide to manhood. It makes you look at your life from a different perspective and gives you a meaningful…
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