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Taking Manhood Back

Act Like a Man featured in TV Patrol

Was so glad to see that our Act Like a Man: Usapang Lalake was featured in TV Patrol. Enjoy the video!

My 50 Shades Reflection

It is sad and painful to see people line up in movie theaters to watch the latest movie 50 Shades of Grey. With all the violence against women and the fight we are having with human sex trafficking in the Philippines – it seems like a lot of Filipinos still feed on the very thing that…
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Fifty Shades of Reality part 1

I am currently reading the book The Fantasy Fallacy: Exposing the Deeper Meaning Behind Sexual Thoughts by Shannon Ethridge and would try to write down my thoughts and lessons I would get from this book. The book Fantasy Fallacy was written  in response to the 50 Shades of Grey Phenomena that has hit America and even…
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The Naked Truth

It’s that time of year where Filipinos are packing a stadium to see half naked men and women flaunt their bodies with just their private underwear. It is quite ironic that you have a full fashion show to feature  a clothing that is meant to be private. Add to that are the sexually provocative humongous…
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Blogging Tip: Check your Grammar and if you are Plagiarizing

Last year, a major headline in our newspaper is how some government officials plagiarize someone’s blog in his speech. It was a major boo-boo for the politician but he was too proud to admit his crime. But for bloggers and speakers like me – there is a high probability that we could plagiarize what we…
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MTRCB Summit: Intelligent Viewing for our Kids

I was invited to take part in the recent MTRCB Family Summit and the talk was about how parents can be equipped to help their kids be responsible and view shows more intelligently. With so many shows in TV today that communicates wrong values, we as parents must be vigilant and informed about what we…
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In just four years since its launch, Cignal Digital TV has s been able to surpass the 500,000-subscriber mark.  What I love about CignalTV is their passion to innovate and maximize technology. Last week they launched their newest value added service to CignalTV subscribers….. drumroll please…. Introducing Cignal TV-To-Go, a service that allows viewers to…
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Cignal Partners with Actlikeaman

It is a privilege for to announce that CIGNAL Digital TV has partnered with us. Last month, CIGNAL reached 500,000 subscribers in the Philippines. That is an amazing achievement by a company who offers an excellent viewing experience for Filipinos. CIGNAL Digital TV, in my opinion, has the clearest signal and offers Filipinos the…
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Our Interview at Good Morning Boss Show

Thammie and I were invited to share our love story and give some marriage and relationship tips in PTV 4’s new morning show GOOD MORNING BOSS. Hope you learn something from our interview Thanks Dianne for inviting us.

It Takes God, a Man and a Woman

This is not a movie review though of course I will give the movie 5 star as usual. John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah G has the best chemistry as a couple in the big screen but the reason I am blogging about the movie is because of the main subject of the entire movie is…
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