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Taking Manhood Back

How to Get Promoted

Guest blogger: Patrick Mabilog Everyone can be a leader, but not everyone will be a leader. We all want to be promoted to higher levels in our companies or organizations. Businessmen want to get higher market share, Employees want to become managers. But how do we get promotion?  I’d like to share to you the…
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Don’t Burn Those Bridges

A guest blog by Little Joey Earlier today, I was blessed to be able to board again on Magic 89.9 where I really spent most of my radio career in. 8 years from 2000 – 2008. And even though I ‘retired’ back in ’08 and worked for 99.5 PlayFM (although it IS a sister station),…
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Are you preparing for your future?

  How are you going to build your career or business? As men we have to be planners and we need a game plan. If you are in your teen years and you are reading this – you are way ahead of the game because you have the power to choose the path that you…
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Productivity Tip: How to Reach your Goals

Here are some things you can do to help you achieve your goals. Note, I didn’t say your to do list but rather focus on the bog picture of what you need to do. Let me share to you five things I try to do and remember when trying to reach my goal: 1. Know…
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Change the Game

Bob Cousy, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Julius Erving,Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, (Yao Ming, Robert Jaworski and Jeremy Lin). What is common to all this men. They change the game of basketball was played. They were the game changers in their own field. Not sure though about the last three…
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Fat Brain produces Brain Farts

We just concluded our 5 day of prayer and fasting in church. In prayer and fasting instead of eating our breakfast, lunch and dinner, we have an extended time of prayer (individually and corporately) as a church and also an extended time of reading the Bible and letting God speak to us. After five days,…
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Prepare and Persevere

I have spent my life around the principles of preparation and perseverance. These twin truths are essential functions of being a professional athlete. These are the essential functions of being a man,period.  – Steven Jackson, NFL Running Back This year we have to make it a goal to prepare ourselves actively for what lies ahead.…
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How Successful People Start Their Day

  Good morning everyone!!!

Interview with Zach Sycip

Zach SyCip is a Cinematographer by profession. He is married to partner-in-crime Rinka and they have a two year-old daughter named Malaya.  Like many of us, finding his passion was a product of countless detours and setbacks. Here is my interview with world class cinematographer Zach Sycip on work, productivity and manhood. Hope you learn some…
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How Rich is Rich Enough

I was interviewed by ANC last month, and here is the video of that inteview where I discuss that being rich is more important than getting rich. Thank you ANC and Melissa for helping spread financial literacy! Click on the picture to watch the video