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Taking Manhood Back

Wedding Preps: Why I Wanted Two Wedding Dates

I must admit, my being “segurista” sometimes gives me weird (and funny) ideas in my head. Such as when the time that me and my fiancee, Cha, (now my wife, 🙂 ) were planning for our wedding. That was a few weeks after we got engage. The “normal” wedding (and bank account) preparation time is, around…
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Joe D’ Mango’s 25th Wedding Anniversary Vow

I have said I love you countless times that I really have lost track  of how often I have expressed  my affection for you.  This would have been a perfect picture of a beautiful marriage but I know in my heart that I have hurt and offended you more than the moments that you felt…
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Semper Fidelis

More than 200 years ago the US Marines was formed. They were thinking of an appropriate motto for their group. They ended up with the Latin phrase Semper Fidelis – meaning ALWAYS FAITHFUL. If you are a marine – you are expected to be faithful always. Not only in the good times but also during…
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The Problem with recent Filipino movies today….

……. is that they are desensitizing us from painful realities of life, marriage and relationships. I know movies reflect the culture we live in today. That is partly true but to highlight it because that is what people want, more sex scenes, mistresses, the other woman and for some other women, same sex relationships and…
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Acel and her Prince Charming

When I was a little girl I  loved reading fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Cinderella.  Reading and watching those stories gave me a picture of what a man should be like.  He should look like a prince, brave, strong and someone who can rescue me from the perils of life or from…
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What the Groom is thinking during Wedding Preparations

What goes in the mind of a REAL MAN during wedding preparations? He sees her woman taking care of the gown, the ring, the program, the guest list, the errands, the flowers, the color, the ambiance – does he really care? YES but I tell you it might not show that he cares. Why? Two…
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