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Taking Manhood Back

Porn feeds….

Any and every time we indulge in pornography, we deny the precious gospel truth that every man and woman possesses inherent dignity, not to be solicited and sold for sex, but to be valued and treasured as excellent in the eyes of God. People are not inferior objects to be used and abused for selfish,…
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Sex Myth We Believe: You Can have Sex without Intimacy

Sex Myth #2: You can have sex without intimacy. Dr. Emma Kurtzman, Natalie Portman’s character in the movie No Strings Attached shouted in one of her scenes, “Why can’t we just have sex?!” Many people are asking the same thing: why can’t we have the pleasure of sex without the commitment? Why can’t we separate…
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Sex Myths We Were Told to Believe In Part 1

SEX MYTH #1: You can have sex without consequences.  “Hey I’m having sex, and I don’t have AIDS, and I’m not pregnant.” “I don’t see any visible consequence(s) when I have sex outside of marriage.” Every minute, people in the city you live in are having sex. We have a lot of friends and co-workers…
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Great Sex Book

It’s finally out. Thammie and I wrote this book because we wanted to share to our readers how they can have a great sex life. Yes! Great! not good but GREAT! Every time somebody tells you they are doing good, what it really means is that “IT IS BORING”. But have you heard someone say…
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PBB and what to do?

In the recent weeks, we have seen an assault on the young people of our nations. This time the assault is not happening in the streets of Mendiola but right in our living rooms.  PBB, a famous franchised reality show, showed some questionable, offensive and disturbing scenes on national TV that influences millions of people…
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Healed from Sexual Molestation

It was a happy Saturday morning because my aunt told me that we were going to the mall, and that she wanted to buy a new polo for me. We went at around 1pm because I had to be at our Youth Prayer Meeting at 4pm. As a 13 year old, hip new clothes were…
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Uncensored Talk on Sex part 2

Here is the 2nd installment of my preaching last February on sex. Enjoy!  

Uncensored: No Holds Barred Talk on Sex

Here is my preaching last February on the wonderful subject of Sex!

My 50 Shades Reflection

It is sad and painful to see people line up in movie theaters to watch the latest movie 50 Shades of Grey. With all the violence against women and the fight we are having with human sex trafficking in the Philippines – it seems like a lot of Filipinos still feed on the very thing that…
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Three Reasons Why I Stopped Kissing my Girlfriend

For a long time, I was what you called a weekend Christian. I acted like a holy leader during youth prayer meetings and Sunday Mass, but on normal days I was a crazy sinner. I tried to justify that it was okay for me to commit sexual sin, like watching pornography, because unlike other guys, I…
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